From the start, our goal is to create a timeless, wearable and comfortable wardrobe.

We are certain that with our exclusive and authentic offer, soon enough we will become your favorite online store for women's clothing. After analysing in detail the needs of a modern girl, we created clothes in which you will feel attractive, sexy and yet comfortable. We are often choosing to wear clothes in which we don't feel comfortable for the sake of an attractive look. All Shiva models are made out of the finest elastic materials, which follow the figure of your body, emphasize your curves to make you look sexy, but also provide comfort to your body, to make you feel more beautiful and confident.

Shiva, the goddess who symbolises strength, power and victory, inspires this brand to support women while making sure we all feel mysterious but bold, elegant yet sexy, gentle yet powerful.

The similarity with the verb of the Serbian language "shiti" (meaning “to sew”) is certainly clear, which we especially liked, even if the brand is intended for globale sales. 

Shiva girl is a strong, self-confident and fashion-conscious girl. She has her goals and knows how to achieve them. She likes to impress the environment with her appearance and her attitude. She knows the first impression is very important, so she is always ready.


We create

exclusive handmade pieces designed in Belgrade.

We offer

Free delivery in Serbia.

Express and safe delivery worldwide!

We care

Our customer service is always there for you and guarantees that you will never feel like you have been left on 'seen'.

We are here for you

From basic pieces of clothing to sexy dresses, everything is easily accessible in one place.

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