Sandy beaches, delicious food and endless sunny days, Dubai is an ideal location to escape to warmer regions and isolate yourself, said Jovana, the founder of the Shiva Online Store.

2021 was definitely not an easy year for any of us. We were suddenly forced to change our plans and adapt to the extraordinary circumstances. I spent this year studying for the final exams of the Master of Finance in London and spent the rest of my time working on my new project SHIVA Online Store.

My birthday was on December 1st, and the gift for my 25th birthday was a trip to Dubai. I really needed this trip. I am a Sagittarius in my horoscope so you can only guess how isolation and social distance affect the social and above all adventurous spirit of Sagittarius. It wasn't easy for me, haha.

And if I’ve been to Dubai before, I’m surprised by the city over and over again. In fact, I found that the city does not stand still, and that there is always something new to see. It is being built non stop and it is really different from all other cities. I went on a trip with my mom, and we chose Dubai because we know it well, and we are not only going to visit it as a tourist, but also to enjoy and relax. Although the deciding factor was that despite the pandemic, Dubai is functioning and no rigorous measures have been introduced at the moment. But be sure that all regulations are respected. Masks are mandatory everywhere and social distance is respected.



Right to the pool. At this time of year I would recommend you to stay in a part of the city called “Downtown Dubai” or “Dubai Marina”. The sea is quite cold, so most of them swim in the pools. Despite the fact that I am a big nature lover, and I like to sunbathe in the sand and swim in the sea the most, in December Dubai is more for some enjoyment at the pool, with a view of the tallest buildings in the world. Don't forget to bring a good book, take deck chairs and be sure to order a fruit salad. When you recharge your batteries in the sun and refresh yourself in the water, you are ready to move on.




Simply "WAU". When you take a taxi and head to the hotel, I suggest you park your phone and look around. You will notice the unusual architecture of the buildings. I think that there the architects are competing with each other to make a more interesting building, to draw attention and to reserve their place on Dubai postcards. Each building is for itself. The tallest building in the world, a hotel in the shape of a wave or a sail, the tallest twisted building in the world, the largest residential building. In translation, all the best… And if the days are very warm, the nights are fresh. Feel free to pack 2/3 of the sweatshirt (duxbyshiva). And don't forget, they always like to turn the air conditioning to the maximum, so you won't take off your sweatshirt indoors.



This time of year is ideal for Downtown Dubai in my opinion. All their hotels are phenomenal, so you can't go wrong. I also suggest Dubai Marina. Be sure to rent a bike in the early evening and make a circle around the entire Dubai Marina. The marina is huge, and when you are already there you should visit it.




Dubai is full of amazing places. This time I might single out the “Siddharta Lounge by Buddha Bar”. Restaurant / Bar with a 360 degree view, overlooking the Dubai Marina. Cool team, shisha, wine and sushi!



The mix of cultures is fascinating. You will have the opportunity to see people around the world. I enjoy it. I love international cities and I always wanted to live in one, so I chose London for my master's studies. And let me mention, they make a living from tourism, so they are primarily very kind.




Driving jeeps on sand dunes! Definitely! Our driver was an Arab, he turned on the Arabic "Habibi" music and started driving us crazy on the sand dunes. I only remember telling my mom, "If I had known this was going to look like this, I would never have agreed." At every turn, I had the feeling that we would turn around, and that the sand would then bury us. I really didn't care. After the first tour, I asked the driver how long he has been doing this job and he has been driving on sand dunes for 16 years, I was relieved. The ride back was even crazier, but now I was sure the man knew what he was doing, so I sang with him and we laughed (more on a nervous basis). I would really recommend this tour to everyone.



Sunrise, shining between the glass buildings of Dubai. Coffee, pool and then a morning nap at the pool, light sunbathing, just until it gets too hot.




For a quality breakfast I recommend “Tashas Dubai Marina Mall”. And for the evening style, I recommend dinner at "Bistro des Arts" or "Ce la vie".



Between 4-6pm, magic is felt in the air. The best time is to show off your shimmery, tanned complexion and enjoy an aperitif.




"Five Palm Jumairah Hotel", a beach with an unusual view of the solitaires of the Dubai Marina. Also always a good option is the famous beach "Nammos Dubai".



Desert style


Long leggings and SHIVA white top, perfect combination. Tie a sweatshirt around your waist, you will need it as soon as the sun goes down. In the desert, the temperature drops from 27 to 17 within 10 minutes. I suggest you go in light slippers, because it is still the easiest to walk barefoot on the sand.


Dubai evening style


Tan - gold (yellow) jewelry, because Dubai is a city of gold, combined with olive green, white or black clothing combination * by SHIVA. This style goes perfectly with heels, but you can also combine this with white shallow sneakers. Sexy and elegant - a complete hit!

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