The monthly SHIVA horoscope explores what you can expect this month for each zodiac sign and will help you match your styling with your character.

As you have already had the opportunity to see, in addition to selling SHIVA models, we try to provide our customers and all our companions with as diverse and interesting content as possible. That is why we decided to start cooperation with LUNARSCORPIO, which promises us interesting things related to the movement of the planets and their impact on our lives.

And if the year is behind us in which it is impossible to plan anything, we have tried to give you an insight into what can await you in the period until the end of the year.

Remember that your life experience begins with your thoughts, so clear your mind first. Ask yourself where the ancient patterns of thought became your truth and never forget that you are always the creative director of your life.

We present you the horoscopes for this month, read on to find out what the Capricorn season - December 22 - January 19 - is in store for us.


Welcome to the month of January, which means new life. New Year, new me, right? Well, in this case, a lot will depend on us. How much have we learned from last year. 2020 was a year full of tests, stresses and challenges, but it was also a year of waking up and a lot of work on yourself.


We must not forget those lessons this month. It will be a little easier mentally, but what has been learned should not be forgotten. We must no longer, as a humanity, squint at the problems that concern all of us. Expand empathy, be humane and fight for rights. No giving up.


Since January 6, special emphasis has been placed on love and work for oneself. Self-love is a huge and difficult step, but it is necessary this month. Doing everything you have always wanted, what exactly is stopping you?


When it comes to love relationships this month, we will have the opportunity to remind ourselves that it is worth fighting for all true love and working on it so that it can grow. It is love that heals, but we must also heal it so that it can give us comfort and refuge in these difficult times. Don't forget to speak loud and clear what is on your heart and soul. Fight for what your heart tells you out loud.


This month we have the first retrograde Mercury this year, so check everything several times, especially when it comes to technology "think twice and press send", former loves are also possible in this period, but the advice is not to give in immediately, but think carefully about whether it is something you really need and fit. Let's not be afraid of this Mercury much, because he manages very well in Aquarius, so he won't bother us much.


Important dates:


January 6 - Mars turns into the sign of Taurus and demands love for ourselves.


January 8 - Mercury turns into the sign of Aquarius, forcing us to be much more humane and to help others with our story.


January 8 - Venus also turns into the sign of Capricorn, so it will remind us that we are working on every relationship.


January 13 - the new Moon in Capricorn opens new possibilities for us and it is a great time to start new business and contracts.


January 14 - Uranus finally moves directly and because of it we must not forget what we learned from last year.


January 28 - A full moon in Leo and a great period to bravely chase after what is ours and what we want.


January 30 - Mercury moves retrograde, reminding us to slow down and check everything several times, but also to enjoy the view a bit.


See which SHIVA models will mark the CAPRICORN season [22. December - January 19].


Michel Obama - January 17

Bradley Cooper - January 5th

Zayn Malik - January 12

To make the predictions more accurate, read about your sign, subsign and month.



The rams will have the opportunity to travel somewhere and I strongly advise them to do so. They will have an excess of energy that they should expel through physical activity, but also learn to talk about themselves and their feelings. At work, he should think carefully before taking a new step.

On the love plane, everything should be as it should be if they lower their pride and say loud and clear what they want. Free Aries could fall in love this month.


Bulls will make crucial decisions related to love and work. They buried a lot of that in the past, and now it's all coming to light. Let them beware of "friends" and let them pay attention to the environment and who should leave the environment.

Bulls in a relationship will understand whether the current situation suits them or not, it is only important that they face themselves to make sure they make the right decision. Let them beware of secret relationships and impulses to engage in the same, instead you should understand why they have impulses for love from the side at all.

Don't get bogged down at work because as long as they are responsible and hardworking, they will do well.


The twins will experience a lot of transformation this month. A lot of them will break the shackles and stereotypes and teachings

which were imposed from birth. It is very important that they believe in themselves and everything that their subconscious gets out of this

period. It would be great if they learned to talk about themselves and what bothers them.

If they want to be alone in order to understand what they want in the next period, let them do it, because otherwise they can

to come to an overload of thoughts where they would not understand who is their friend and who is their enemy.

Busy Gemini will enjoy this period with partners while free ones will meet in the middle of the month

potential partners who will be able to send them.



Cancers are waiting to mature in a partnership. They understand what they want and what they expect from the current situation. Making a relationship official is only planned if you are brave enough to get what you want.

Free crabs come into contact with someone older or more mature.

At work, stress that ends with the realization that if one day they do not work, the job will not fail ☺ It is important that they learn to strike a balance between career and life.

Meditate and dedicate yourself.


Anxiety stops a little longer only if you have found the cause of the same, in case you have not, I advise you to use this period and to say goodbye to the past and trauma once and for all so that we can enjoy the love that is just around the corner and that can turn into something in the long run.

Leos who are in a relationship expect a month filled with happiness in love as long as they are what they are.

Change is possible at work, but it is very important that you accept it with dignity and readiness, because even in case of dismissal, they will have to understand that it was great for them because they are waiting for something much better.


Virgos will spend most of their time at home and enjoy with their family and in their oasis of peace.

On the love plane, there are some events, in the sense that both free and busy virgins understand what their heart is looking for, but also what their partner expects from them.

Watch out for health and hidden anger. Bring everything to the surface in time, because energy must come out somewhere at some point.


Libra will finally have to decide. What do they want from life? Of love? Which way did they go? Did they deviate from the path? This is a great month to sum up life. My advice is to gather the courage at last and go for what you want.

Stop being afraid and admit to yourself everything you ran away from in 2020.

At work, pay attention to colleagues, and keep in mind that service is service and company is company.

The respiratory organs are under attack.


Let the Scorpios dedicate themselves to themselves this month. Let them rest mentally and physically so as not to affect their health.

They will be lucky with their finances, so they will be able to afford a vacation.

Emotions and confusion are on the wallpaper, so let them withdraw from the public in order to get out of the tornado and be able to see more clearly what to do next.

Love for yourself first, and only then for everyone else.


For the Sagittarians, this is a good month because everything will somehow work out for them. Although let them take care of their finances a little, in the sense that they pay a little attention to where their finances go for a change.

Some Sagittarians will be relocated.

Caution in traffic is necessary because their thoughts will be in the clouds, so let them try to stick to the ground during this period.

Free Sagittarians may meet the love of their life, while busy will enjoy the charms of love.


Capricorns must not lose faith in themselves this month, let them learn to relax and believe in life and the world again. By no means should they close, but by force let them begin to explore the world again, they will not repent.

Let them avoid traffic and let them be careful if they are forced to participate in it.

In the field of love, a lot of exciting things await them. Free Capricorns expect a lot of flirtations, smiles and messages, while busy people should relax in the relationship and let the wind carry them.

Pay attention to stomach problems.


Aquarius expects a lot of internal struggles where they should listen to themselves when their instincts order them to separate and withdraw from some situations, it is very important to listen to yourself and your intuition in the coming period because it was created to protect us.

In the field of finance, let them save, because sudden expenses are possible.

The love situation should improve by the end of the month in the sense that busy Aquarius will finally calm their thoughts and understand what they want from love and partners and stick to that decision, while free Aquarius will suddenly realize who stole their heart.

Problems with vision or eye pressure are present, but everything starts from emotions and burying oneself.


Pisces will finally see through and figure out what they want and in which direction to go. It is possible to travel with friends, just be careful not to spend too much on that trip.

Her career will flourish and so will you.

Let the free fish swim a little more on their own until they sort out the emotions and thoughts from past relationships, so love will follow as soon as that process is over. Busy fish will enjoy with a partner.

Beat the naivety this month. :)

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