We present you our first collection, handmade jersey pieces made of the finest Italian polyamides. Treat yourself to something new from our Sexy Minimalism collection ...  

The Sexy Minimalism collection is inspired by fashion icons of today, such as Gigi, Kendall and the team. We have been following their careers and their style for many years. In addition to fabulous clothing combinations for the red carpet, they have always had an appealing style when it comes to everyday wardrobe. During the design of the collection, we adopted the latest fashion trends, inspired by the streets of LA and adjusted them to affordable prices, as well as wearable pieces for the modern girl / woman of today.

Just as each of us leaves a personal mark in everything we do, see or learn, so our observation of the fashion scene is colored by strong personal vision. The collection in front of you is exactly the result of our personal experience of today's fashion combined with the experience of a young girl's life, who wants to feel comfortable and look attractive, during the day, as well as during night outs.

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